Dear diary… I suppose.

The other aspect of this blog will be me attempting to keep track of my life which just recently has gotten pretty interesting (for me anyway).

This weekend I’ve been down in Bournemouth visiting my very sick grandmother she had a heart attack last week and has been in hospital for a while now… Actually I don’t want to talk about it. Weird, I know, and I think its probably the least likely thing ever but there is a chance she will read this, so I’ll just say get well granny.

Me and my dad went down in the smart car on Friday – we’re both 6’4 so it may have looked pretty silly but it got us there. We stayed at my aunt and uncles house which was very kind of them, seeing my gran at all visiting hours of course. The 6-nations was on, I like rugby its a dammed good game but the people I was watching it with know it embarrassingly better than I do. But alcohol was designed for those situations.

Anyway the group was English & Irish and England & Ireland beat Scotland and Wales (respectively) so generally good times were had by all.

After frequent grandmotherly visits we came back up Sunday morning and I spent the day finishing Jim butcher’s cold days – fucking fantastic book, great author. Actually thinking about it that probably inspired the action scene from last post.

Anyway, today I’m gong to go into school and sort my **** out, I didnt go in Friday (because of poorly grandmothers) and there are things I have to do. Oh and I really need to return some library books before I get a fine… woo!

So that’s me at around 1100 words for today, 100 over-target, it took about 45 mins all in. Really not too bad when you think about it that way whats that? 24 words/minute? None too shabby for a scientist like myself.

Anyway, ideas for tomorrow:

Online piracy, canal boating, wind turbines, solar power, clinical days.


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